still with the sunday supper

We're so civilized.

Callum with his John Deere tractor cup.



Laughing until we fall off our chairs or cry or both.  See all those clean plates?  We did manage to eat some too.

IMG_2161 I want to jot the recipe down because it was a perfect Sunday supper, especially for spring time.  I found it out on the internets, a Food and Wine site, and you could too, but why go searching when I'm going to tell you about it right here?

Lemon and Cream Braised Pork Roast (do I have you interested already, or what?)
2-3 pound pork end roast
1 1/2 cups cream
1 head garlic, sliced crosswise
2 cups of water
salt and pepper to taste

Place pork in cast iron casserole (I used my Le Creuset), and add cream, garlic, water and salt and pepper.  Zest a lemon and add the zest, the halve the lemon and squeeze the juice over top of the pork.  Cover and bake in the oven for 3 hours at 300 degrees until meat is tender.

Remove pork from liquid and pat dry.  Strain and skim fat from liquid.  Return liquid to casserole and bring to a boil.  Boil for 45 minutes until liquid thickens and reduces. 

Add two tablespoons cooking oil to a skillet and brown pork on all sides, using tongs to turn.  Slice the pork, pour on the reduced gravy and enjoy with much laughter.

Now I modified this recipe to fit my cut of meat.  The Food and Wine site called for a 7 pound piece of pork, five cups of water and two cups of cream.  The only thing I retained was the whole lemon, and it might have been a touch too lemony.  I haven't been able to decide, because truly, the lemon cream has a lovely flavor.  Perfect for a spring evening.  I'm thinking there are leftovers for lunch today.