stashed (also known as eye-candy friday)

So last weekend when the temperatures soared spring-like, and I had ample opportunity to sit idly and recover from my bout with the flu did I do so?


With the prospect of a house guest coming this week and a party for the faculty of the school where I work the following weekend, did I attend to my housewifely duties and clean and dust and mop?


Based on a suggestion from friend Megan inspired by a blog post she saw here, I decided to organize my yarn stash by color.


I'm so glad I did!  The Blue Rain Room is just bursting with color.

I simply cannot get enough of it.


I feel sure I've described the situation of my little studio, but please forgive me if I don't go digging through blog posts to see for sure.  It used to be the master bedroom of the little gray house, but when we bought the house an addition was being finished that included a kitchen and master bedroom and bath.  The old master bedroom became obsolete, somewhat of a walk-through room.  You have to go through it to get to our bedroom.  It would have made a lovely nursery had we still been in nursery days.  It's hard to know what to do with a walk-through room.  I think we have visions of someday including an upstairs laundry/closet, but that will have to wait until we redo our master bath which will incorporate our present closet.  And that will have to wait until we have money.  You know, when Callum's out of college. If ever.  But you know how houses do that to you.  Especially the old ones, it seems.  We're always saying things like, "If we took that wall out and moved the water heater out to the utility room..."  Presently it's the kitchen inspiring these conversations, but that's a story for another day when I've been folding the laundry in front of HGTV while I'm recovering from the flu.  How I ramble on...

IMG_1969 Anyhoo.  The walk-through room makes perfect sense as a little studio, and I took this picture while standing in the doorway of our bedroom.  This is what get to look at when I get up every morning.  Lucky me.


For the real eye-candy, I dedicate these last two photos to my friend Marianne.  She's a brialliantly-gifted jewelry designer who won't let me buy any more of her jewelry in any shades of green.  I think you can see why.