presents or expecting presents?

IMG_9066 I couldn't take it anymore. I had to put some decorations up. My mom was here for a week and she cleaned and swept...we're getting a handle on the plaster dust. At least some of the house feels like Christmas. I'll probably leave the wreath over the mantle and garland up until Twelfth Night, even if we take down the tree. The house is changing daily, and some of my decorations don't fit in as well as they used to. I'll have to spend some time thinking about that. And maybe hit Pier One after Christmas to see what's on sale.

We have a stack of Christmas books, didn't get those out either. One of my favorites is called Kipper's Christmas Eve.  Kipper was a childhood companion of Callum's and I miss the days of watching Kipper videos together. In this book, Kipper asks, "Which is best, Christmas Day or Christmas Eve? Presents or expecting presents?" For me, it's always expecting presents. For Callum, it's always been Christmas Day: presents. And really, find me a kid who wouldn't agree. Until this year. This year, he says, expecting presents. This year, he's learned the appeal of expectation and anticipation. It's a nice shift. He might be growing up.

I hope you're enjoying the anticipation with you and yours.