progress continues apace

IMG_8868 We've hit a new phase of the hallway renovation... the part I don't get to be around for.

IMG_8867 While we've been at work and school, the drywall went up and the doorway was framed out.

IMG_8872 It's definitely starting to feel more like a room. I have mixed feeling about this part of the process, because I've enjoyed the being there for it all. I've enjoyed meeting the people who have worked on the little gray house and seeing the work as it happened. Still, there's no denying the special thrill of coming home to such a transformation.

IMG_8884 Especially when this is the transformation! Hello Violet.

IMG_8886 The plasterers were in and out on Monday and I walked in that evening, speechless with delight. We're coming home late every evening and it's been cloudy, so there's no way that my camera can capture the artistry of the work they did in the hallway. I was simply stunned. I don't even want to paint!

IMG_8889 Now we really do have a room!