we went away

We made a quick trip to Pennsylvania last weekend. Neel's aunt and uncle live there, as well as some friends of ours. It was the perfect time to go. Autumn in all its glory.  Neel's aunt and uncle have the most amazing home, straight out of the pages of House & Garden, and worthy of its own blog post - which I'll make you wait for. 

I got up before anyone on Saturday morning and raised the blind on a window in the living room. 

IMG_7919 This is what was looking at me.  My first thought was that these guys don't seem to be the type to have deer statues in their yard. And they aren't.  Turns out we weren't the only visitors that weekend.



IMG_7942 They came every morning around 7:30, and we sat so still, holding our breath as we watched.  Mostly doe, sometimes two, sometimes three, they were always alert as they munched on acorns and leaves.

IMG_8072 On the last morning, a buck came along with the doe, and it seemed clear that they were a family.

IMG_8081 My family was mesmerized.