wide open spaces

IMG_7770 It occurred to me as I was putting things on the shelves, that this is a bit of a dream come true for me.  Open shelves in the kitchen.  A coming true of a pretty old dream.  I had such fun deciding what pieces were going to go in this space.  My very favorite kind of editing.  They look pretty nice, don't they? 

IMG_7764 You know those boxes that they sell at craft stores?  The kind that holds video tapes or photos?  Although who has video tapes anymore?  Anyway, I have one of those boxes filled with clippings of rooms and houses from decorating magazines.  Inspiration.  The one time I let someone peek, she pointed out that a huge chunk of my pictures were of banks of white-framed windows.  Windows after windows after windows.  It's fascinating to me what threads other people find that may have escaped my notice. 

I guess another thread for me are these open shelves in the kitchen.  Many, many years ago, my in-laws had a cottage in western Virginia that I loved.  Simple home, a combined kitchen-dining-living room with a view for days.  And the kitchen had open shelves.  Now, looking at my own kitchen, I remember that kitchen, seen over fifteen years ago, and I remember my box of inspirations.  I pulled out page after page of of kitchens like these Wide open spaces, spare of cabinets with dishes and glassware within easy reach.  These two are my favorites.  Lord only knows how long ago I pulled these pictures from an old Better Homes and Gardens magazine. 

IMG_7771 When we planned this kitchen and these shelves, I only knew that I was simply doing something that I wanted.  What it took awhile to realize was that it's about time.