Still tying to photograph our blue dining room...

It's fascinating to me how the universe hands you just what you need...although not always in the way that you think would be most helpful.  Yesterday morning, I was sort of be-moaning our busy weekend.  After a crazy and hard camp week, all I wanted (and felt we needed) was rest, rest and maybe a little more rest.  But summer is busy.  We wanted to pick up golf shoes for Neel, check out a stone yard for some possibilities for a new patio, Neel and Callum had karate and I needed to get to the grocery store.  There are also those concerts we've been enjoying on Saturday nights.  We wanted to get over to that again too.

And then Callum came downstairs from bed with his eye completely gunked over, and, well... pink.


Every thing changed after that.  All our plans came to a full stop.  The dreaded pink eye.  After a quick trip to our doctor's after hours clinic we came home for the duration.  We've all had pink eye, but this I don't remember about conjunctivitis:  Callum felt crummy all day and his temp jumped way up yesterday afternoon.  He fell asleep twice and clearly felt miserable.  I don't remember feeling sick with pink eye, just pitching a big fit when it was time for the drops.  And fear not, we're getting that too.

I did go to the grocery store, but other than that we've been holed in all weekend.  Marking time with Johnny Quest videos and the rest we all need.  I did some cooking yesterday.  Made the potatoes that are on the cover of the Splendid Table cook book, and some southern style green beans, designed more for nourishment of the soul than the body.  Simmering them all day with brown sugar and bacon tends to eliminate the nutrient factor. 

Camp again next week, our last of the summer.  It's cooking camp and I'm with the older kids this time.  They can be sassy, but that's a different set of problems than with the younger set.  I leaned my head out the door on Friday to tell our camp director, "You owe me big."

"Who pooped?" was her immediate response.  It was a poop and a pee (two different kids), but who's counting.  I think I need to rest up.