summer days


We're back at Summer Camp this week (it's nearly killing me this go around), and Callum and I are both coming home tired and cranky (who me?). Until I have the energy for a real post, I thought I'd tide you over with some of our summer days.  This first picture was taken at the bay this weekend.  Just the three of us hanging in the water.  The red flags were up along the oceanfront (thanks to rough surf and rip currents), so we opted for calmer waters.

So you can't tell at all, but this is the new dining room.  It's impossible to photograph this room, but I'll keep trying.  Is it enough to know that I'm loving it?

I had a great morning on Saturday.  Went for a run, came home, waited on the front porch for Neel to get up and make coffee.  Once he did, we lingered together while Callum slept on, we chatted some and I was able to go almost cover to cover in this cookbook.  What slow-paced relaxing bliss.



Neel did some planting.  Those are climbing hydrangea (for the fence), "stepables" (for the path) and honeysuckle (for Callum), respectively.


On Saturday evening, the 'hood traipsed over to the campus of the local university for an outdoor concert.  These are free every Saturday in summer (that night was bluegrass), and a wonderful, wonderful way to spend the evening.  Expect more posts from this patch of grass in the coming weeks.


Neel, Callum and our friend Zach get their bearings on our blanket before heading out to play.


How about a Red Stripe on a red-striped blanket?  Beer!


In case you were wondering, those are skulls on Neel's shorts.


My friend Tyler, the hand model.  Showing off the. best. deviled. eggs. EVER.  See the aforementioned cookbook for the recipe.


"Summer afternoon, summer afternoon.  The two most beautiful words in the English language." Henry James