viva barcelona and some necklace love


Yeah, I made a skirt. Can't even believe it. It required lots of skills that I've never tested before, but look how pretty!


This is the Barcelona skirt from Amy Butler, and my first chance to do lots of things, like install a zipper, finish my seams with a zig-zag stitch (which meant changing the foot on my machine for the first time ever...I'm such a baby), even work with her fabric, which was delightful. The whole process was delightful, actually. The instructions were clear, even for a beginner like me (I've found some of her handbag instructions a bit muddy, but then skirts are easier, for sure), and I'm thrilled with the end-result. My only complaint is that I did the size for my measurments and it's a bit big. (I know, I shouldn't complain about that.) It sits really low on my hips, and fairly loose. I may just make one size down, next time.


Callum got a bit pissy when I kept coming downstairs with things for myself or other people. And deservedly so. I've had fabric for an apron for him for weeks. So here it is, a beagle apron for a boy who loves beagles. It reverses to the fabric on the neck and ties, red with black paw prints. I fully expect him to take over dinner at least one night a week now.

As far as the necklace love goes, check this out, from Lisa Leonard Designs.


One for my family.


And one for this little spot that has become so important to me. (And I swear to God I'm gonna put up a "donate to Lauren's new camera fund" button somewhere on this blog.)

I love the way the family necklace clinks together as I move around. I've been wearing it all weekend. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear the bluerainroom necklace. (Although I was brave enough to make a skirt!) That whole wearing your heart outside your body thing. Oh, but love. It's hanging in the bluerainroom right now, and I love having it there. My own little shingle. Thank you Lisa, they're perfect. I love them. Can you tell?