I got nothing but onion pie


Oh this bloody, wretched heat. It's all any of us can do to simply raise our heads. We're coming up on our third day in a row of over 100 degree heat and super-soupy air. We try very hard here in the little gray house not to run the air conditioning over much. I hate feeling disconnected from the outside, locked within an icy palace. I like to think it's a little gift to the environment, but mostly we're just cheap. Still, I hate being hot more, and today the a.c. is crankin'.

It's no wonder we're all feeling lethargic and cranky and uninspired.

On our way home from the beach yesterday (which was surprisingly lovelier and cooler than expected...may have been the fact that we got there before the sun was quite over the horizon!), Callum and I listened to a food show on our local NPR station. Seventy-five year old June called in with a recipe for an onion pie. The funny part is that the hot-shot local chef who was listening was clearly appalled with her first ingredient: frozen pie crust. June reminded me of either of my own grandmothers when she said, "Well, if you want to make a pie crust from scratch in this heat, knock yourself out." By the end of the recipe, we were all enraptured (at least I was, and the folks on the radio seemed to be too), lost in dreams of eggy-oniony-crusty goodness. Callum piped up from the backseat, "That sounds good." And that was all it took. A quick e-mail to Neel to add frozen pie crust to his grocery list, and here we have an as-lovely-as-anticipated onion pie.


photo credit to Callum

I don't have June's last name to give her full credit, but since she just recited the thing over the radio, I'm sure she won't mind if I share. I'm blowing a kiss to you, internetless-June, for a lovely addition to our dinner.

Saute' two to three Vadalia Onions in butter and olive oil until translucent.

Lightly mix three eggs, adding some milk and nutmeg.

Add some flour to the onions and mix over low, low heat until just blended.

Pour the onions into the frozen pie crust, and pour the egg mixture over top.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes, until a toothpick inserted along the edge comes out clean.

Delicious warm or at room temperature. We had ours with our favorite summer salad. I'm sure there'll be a post about that salad one of these days!

Callum's all suited up in his astronaut costume (not sure how he can stand it in the heat, but that's how easy life is when you're seven.). While he's chilling and reading today, I'm off to the Blue Rain Room to be brave.

Have good weekends everyone!