five things, november 15


1. I think I completely disappeared there, didn't I? No excuses, really. Just busy. Didn't have it together to get to the blog this week, and I'd rather take the break than give you guys some crap, right? I was so touched by those of you who checked in on me, though. That meant the world.

2. I think that if I thought election season was over here in Virginia, I was wrong. We just had the first Attorney General's race ever decided BY TWITTER, and since our current state senator is now our Lt. Governor Elect, we're having what's called a "firehouse caucus" on Saturday to elect a democratic nominee to replace him. It was meant to be our first free weekend. No baseball, no nothing. And I'll be at the polls. Happily. Really.

3. I think I still can't believe that sweet Violet remains with us to this day. We're nearing the one year anniversary of the beginning of the signs that led to her diagnosis, and, ironically, November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Who knew? She actually exhibited none of these signs, but it's important to be aware, regardless.

4. I think it's funny how I'm more and more simultaneously troubled and moved by what I see online these days. We've all gone round and round over the Kinfolk stuff, and Felicia has written another thought-provoking article on authenticity. I've had some creepy and sad things happen recently, no big deals really, just enough to make me pause, and then, well I've made a lot of good friends here too. I could never bow out, you know? But sometimes, sometimes. Well, sometimes you just wonder.

5. On a lighter note,  I think this quick, eight-minute short film is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. I LOVE Wes Anderson. How cool that he did this for Prada? One of our upcoming photo projects is to create a picture using one of the color palettes from a Wes Anderson film (if you read this article, you'll see that he has a tight color palette for each of his movies). Cal had the idea to do this with our friends at Thanksgiving, which I think it brilliant. But I'm nervous. Any suggestions for me? Don't worry, I'm excited too, but I feel like I have a lot to think about. But Megan, that means batter up!