spring break/spring training

So we sneaked away for a few days. This baseball-loving family headed south, way south, where spring begins when pitchers and catchers report to Major League Baseball's Spring Training. I took a leap of faith and traveled only with film cameras and my phone, so my real post on our trip will come later, when my scans come in. As always, fingers crossed.

There were some mishaps. Cal caught a cold. I lost a dear and beloved button (decorative, but did I mention beloved?) for my camera. We didn't get enough beach time (better planning next year) and we were stuck in the Newark airport for hours on the trip home.

But. But. Why have we never done this before? Leaving behind 36ºF and sleet for 82º and sun and sand was just about the best idea any of us has had in awhile. And Spring Training itself? Well, give me this over a regular season game any day. I'll tell you more about our adventures when my film scans come in, but let me say this: Neel and I plan on retiring right there in Clearwater Beach, and working for the Phillies. Hopefully next year.