nantucket on film {life}


Nantucket has been wind-swept and snow-covered for most of this winter (have you seen these photos of the slushy waves?), but since we're traveling this week, I thought I'd share some photos from our trip there this past Thanksgiving.

I look at these photos now, and I'm eve more convinced that hold it lightly is the way to go. When they first came back from the lab, I didn't love them. They were my first shots on Kodak Portra, a pro-grade film (I'd been using cheap-o drugstore film up till that point), and I was using a found, new-to-me camera as well. Even though I'd run a test roll through that camera, turns out it was shot (RIP), and my images reflect how it was fading.

But patience is key and waiting cures many ills, and it turns out that I quite like many of these photos now. I see their flaws and their technical issues, but the truth is that they feel like Nantucket to me. It's always storming when we go there it seems, and these photos feel like those windy beaches and lowering gray skies. Charcoal gray cast against ivy green? Yes, that says Nantucket to me.

All images shot on Kodak Portra400, on a PentaxK2 (RIP).