color story :: green, soft and bright {still + life}

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was trying to pay more attention to color in my photography. What I'm learning is that I'm not as intentional about color as I want to be. (I see a New Year's Resolution coming. And perhaps a photography project or two.) What I did already know is that I love green.

Cal, when he was little, used to ask me to pick my favorite color, all the time. Isn't that something kids do? Name their favorite color and try to corner the adults around them about theirs? Hmmm. I never caved. I don't have a favorite color. Which is perhaps what makes this whole color story business so compelling to me. I don't have a favorite color, but I am drawn to greens. I knew that. My mom loves bright chartreuse-y greens, and I like those too, but really, I'll take them any way. From misty, sagey, gray-greens to vibrant, glowing, vivid greens. I love them all.

My friend Marianne, who is one of the owners of Simply Selmas, makes jewelry from time to time. Several years ago, she had to put a moratorium on green-jewelry purchases. No longer allowed.

I can take all the pictures of greens that I want, and as I scrolled through my photo catalog, I see, like with the warm whites, I could stand to do some more. Perhaps I should revisit these colors in the coming months, just to see how I get on.