thank you note

I was all set to write that story about Neel that I mentioned last week and I realized I couldn't just jump back in without taking a moment to say thank you. Did I mention? 2015 can suck it. But you people? I may have mentioned this too. You never fail to lift me up. Slowly, slowly I'll work my way back to the land of light and love and connection.

I spent a little time trolling the internet this afternoon trying to find a suitable quote for gratitude. None of my favorite poets had just the words I wanted. But then I popped on Instagram, and Brian Andreas was first in my feed with the perfect words.

I don't remember when I
first thought to look back,
but it took my breath away
to see that all the time
we walked together, you
gathered our pieces to your
heart & made the world whole.

Thank you. And that story of Neel? Try back Thursday. It's pretty sweet.