one kid, one roll, on film :: april


Oh, let's see. In the last month, Cal had move-up night to the Upper School, got his learner's permit, started driving us everywhere, won our family NCAA basketball pool (I was a close second), started his baseball season at school, finished reading Their Eyes Were Watching God and started reading Romeo & Juliet. There's more. He proudly remembered my birthday in German class when his teacher asked him (makes this momma proud, too).

As for me. Well. I took a film class, but I already told you about that. I learned a lot. Like how much I have left to learn (wink). Seriously, though, I put so many pieces together, and now when I look at scans that I didn't quite get right, I actually learn why. Hey! Learning is good! As far as finding that ever-elusive voice? I'm still working on that. Still, I got a camera for my birthday, and I used it to take these shots. I think I like it. Portraits are fun. I think I'll just keep shooting and trust that everything will work itself out. Slow and steady, you know?

I think Shakespeare had it right: “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.” That's from Romeo and Juliet, in case you didn't know.

And you remember how this works, right? I'm sharing this journey with some other amazing film photographers, so follow along the circle and check out their stunning images. Next up is Maggie Wright. I love her gorgeous shots.