our snow, on film

It's been warmish for a couple of days, but I know better than to trust March around here. There's every likelihood that we'll be in the forties with rain well into April. Frankly, I'd rather have snow. Still, before it gets too, too warm (we have crocus blooming in the front yard!), I wanted to share some of the snowy shots I got on film this year.

The shots here, although on a couple different rolls, represent a bit of a breakthrough for me. When I send my rolls into the lab for developing, I choose the "package" that includes feedback on my work. Because I'm still (forever?) learning, I figure that any feedback I can get will help me grow and learn even more. They're usually very gentle. They always find something good to say, but they'll let you know which shots are not properly exposed. With this latest batch I had four rolls come back (these snow shots included), and my feedback on each said that my exposure looked good. This was nice to hear!

And plus, the snow. I'm so happy to have these shots of our river and my family in the snow. Our dogs could walk on top of it and we nervously watched one dog walk out on the river (We didn't like that at all.). It was beautiful in sun and cloud, and no matter what it was a winter to remember.