shed series on film {life}

As I've been learning my way around my camera(s) and different film stocks, our garden shed has become my go-to subject this past winter. Always there, always obliging, and surprisingly picturesque, I can count on this shed! The window by my desk looks right out on the shed, so I can watch the light over it all day. I've watched the snow fall against it. I've watched the rain darken it's sides. I've watched the sunlight illuminate that tiny patch of moss on the roof. Each evening, the lights come on at dusk to brighten our back yard.

Spring is coming, and those spindles of hydrangea branches have buds on them now. The landscape of my shed is changing. Stark lines soften and colors burst brighter. The climbing hydrangea is creeping higher along the roof, and that tiny patch of moss is slowly growing.

My film choices will change. My cameras may change. I'll learn new things as the seasons change and the colors change. But the shed? The shed stays.