weekend lookback, fifteenth birthday edition

My baby (!) turned 15 this weekend. Can. Not. Believe. The Phillies were playing in DC (a short 3 hour drive from us, as opposed to the 5ish it takes to get to a game in Philadelphia), so we spend his birthday at his happy place: the ball park. We try as much as we can to give experiences more than things, (although, let's face it, I like things too) and while this post is not meant to be a lecture about consumerism and whatnot (and trust me, we consumed plenty in this experience), I can't say enough how wonderful it was to roll out of bed early with no other intent than to spend the day with the goal of pure enjoyment and being together as a family.

That was good. On the drive up, Cal was asking us about his birth and our reactions to his arrival. It's been a long time since we've recounted that story (Don't worry, I won't do it here.), and even now after all these years, the thing that stands out to me is the way he turned his head to look at me as if to say, "Oh yeah. There you are." Fifteen years later, coming out of school, crossing the street, standing rows apart at the ball park, countless other times throughout the days and years, I can still see that look on his face.

"Oh yeah. There you are."

My dearest son. Where would I be without you?