weekend lookback, august 4

Row 1:  Rule breaker | Summer Supper | Road Trip;  Row 2  Shore Sunset

Row 1: Rule breaker | Summer Supper | Road Trip; Row 2 Shore Sunset

Our weekend was a study in contrasts. Lot of gray and rain had us snuggled up and sitting in front of HGTV all day. My mom has a slight cold and she doesn't have a TV, so she was mesmerized. It was great! Just the thing we all needed. Sit and talk and criticize people's decortating choices. It's kind of what we do best.

Sunday, we left the rain to the Southside (that's what we call our far southern tip of the Chesapeake Bay) and headed north up to Chincoteague and Assateague. I've long wanted to do this, and I was so grateful to have my mom along. I took loads of photos, so I'll maybe do a quick Eastern Shore post if you're interested and save my stories for that. There are always things left undone (antiques!), but we covered a ton of territory and saw many, many beautiful things.

I'm having a blast with my "No Flowers No Kids (No Food)" project, but as you can see, I'm cheating like crazy. Look, the rules are black and white and simply state: upload one picture a day... I'm still doing that. And the stuff the other women are doing (they can still shoot food)? We'll, they're inspiring me every day. Just what I needed.

And hooray! Today we start round 2 of #perception_collection! I'm so excited. I'm already keeping my eye out for "simple" things, but I do that anyway. Hope some of you guys come and play along, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Happy new week, my lovelies!