photo camp {still + life}

You've probably noticed that posting has been different around here, and sporadic at best. Eh. It's summer. And I'm tired. ;) I think I've abandoned my Five Things tradition, no one reads on Fridays anyway, and even once fall hits, I imagine I'll have a different regular schedule for programing. It's all good. Things evolve. Hopefully I evolve too.

Despite the fact that no one seems to read on Fridays, I wanted to pop on and just breathe a sweet sigh of, "oh it was fun," about my Teen Photo Camp. I'm not going to lie. I was dreading it a little. Much like when I have a migraine, when you don't feel good, it's hard to get excited about doing anything, but Erica pointed out last week maybe that teens see everything with such fresh eyes that I was sure to have fun, and she was right. This was a great bunch of kids (even the girl who said on the first day that she was only there because her mom made her come), and they took some really awesome photos.

At Photo Camp we don't talk camera settings or aperture and shutter speed. It's all about composition and light and learning to look around you. To my mind it's all about the fun. We have lots of scavenger hunt,s and the kids learn the basics (because that's all I can manage) of Photoshop to edit their pictures. I have one kid who should really be in my Intro Class for adults. He's passionate. (With an age range of 12-16, you'll get outliers.) I told him straight up on the first day that we'd be below his pay grade, but I brought my 50mm lens in for him to try out, and he's been over the moon. It's been fun to watch him get absorbed and completely ignore me.

So today we'll print our photos for a show that MOCA has to celebrate the creativity that comes out of each summer's Art Camps and have another scavenger hunt and play around with some still life. And then (dusts hands), that will be that. But oh, it was fun. I sure hope they keep taking pictures.