dog days {still + life}

The truth is, I'm still not feeling well. I certainly didn't expect to be suddenly, boom, better. But maybe marginally so? My blood work came back all negative, of course, which I totally expected. And of course that's great news but also endlessly frustrating. My friend Megan thinks it's still Lyme's, and since I'd have been bit by that pesky tick way back in November (Nantucket ticks are special apparently) of course I'd show up negative... Neel thinks something viral is going on, but virology is the foundation of his academic career, so he defaults to that. I actually agree, his hypothesis is most likely. What else could it be?

I'm still so tired and achy and chronically irritable, and even though the bulk of the weekend was spent sitting in a car, it took it out of me. I sound a little bitchy too, don't I? There's this whole no-complainy thing going around the internet these days. I think I need to jump on that.

Before I do, I want to say that what I feel saddest about is that I'm not feeling like good friends with my camera right now. I'm not feeling like picking it up or like things are drawing my eye or the things that I'm producing are any good at all. What's the line between complaining and just calling it like it is?

Still. I'm teaching an Introduction to Photography class right now (fun!) and a teen photography camp next week (terrifying!), so I'm B.U.S.Y. That feels good. Even if I have to lie down on the sofa every so often. The only way out is through, right? Bear with me, please, if I'm in and out around here. I haven't even shown you Olympia yet, much less Italy!

Overheard at the grocery store yesterday: "Well, one thing I'll say is that things are just not right when you're on that Xanax." He was on his phone, so I don't think he was talking to me. (wink)