weekend recap, june 30

1. All Star Line Up | 2. All Star Gelato | 3. All is Calm on the Water

1. All Star Line Up | 2. All Star Gelato | 3. All is Calm on the Water

So I made that gelato, and it was so good it almost deserves its own post. Although it was so easy that I'm not sure what I can say? "I love gelato" over and over again? Even Neel eats it and he's not an ice cream man. Or fan. Really right now, it's all baseball all the time around here. Cal's on an All Star team, so he's had practice every day and their games started this weekend. We won one and lost one. Harumph. We'd like to win every game, of course. All hope is not lost, however. Double elimination means that this team can still make it to the state championships. Just win three more games. They can do it if they keep their heads out of their butts. (That's my sage coaching advice: Get your head out of your butt.")

Two things occurred to me while sitting at the games this weekend. The first was that I'm completely guilty of a less tragic version of Joan Didion's magical thinking. If I don't watch this at-bat, he'll get a hit. If I keep flipping through this magazine, we'll get this last out. Neel does it too, I'll have you know. He gets up and walks around. He claims his butt gets sore, but I think it's to try to shift momentum. Does it work? Of course it doesn't. But it's better than just sitting there and helplessly hoping.

There's another thing I do, and I probably do it with more than just baseball, but that's to make things about more than what they are. Being on this All Star team is more than simply playing baseball. I find myself saying to people, "This experience is so good for Cal." And when I say that, it's about more than the act of playing baseball. It's about dinner with the team, and spitting in the dugout, and coaches yelling over dropped balls, and coaches cursing in excitement. It's about fist bumps and picking yourself up after a missed play. It's about picking a teammate up after a missed play. It's about banging on the water cooler and joint effort to a common cause. It's about a teen boy being among boys and men and all that entails (from the spitting to the cursing to the fist bumping), but of course it's about all that. What is it about me that wants this experience to be all baseball and more? Can it just be baseball? Does it have to be this experience that's good for him too?

Well, I'm his mother, so I guess of course I'm always looking for the more to what's there, even if to Cal it's just a team and a game. One at a time. He plays tonight at 6:30. Wish us luck.