five things, april 25

1. I think the very first thing I have to do is thank you for all of the wonderful comments and questions you left on Cal's post yesterday. He can't wait to answer each one of them, but his mother made him because we got home late from a baseball game last night and there's homework yet to be done. We'll work on it over the weekend, so check back Monday to see his heartfelt thanks and answers to any questions you may have had.

2. I think one of the best things about my day yesterday was when my drive home from dropping Neel at work was slowed by a beautiful white duck who took his (her?) time crossing the road in front of me, changed his mind halfway across and waddled back again. I think it was ruined by the guy in the huge truck who couldn't wait 30 seconds and had to speed around to get past me and scared the duck. Thankfully he didn't hit it. What a jerk! Was it really necessary? We both got stopped at the same stop sign, so it wasn't like he got anywhere any faster than me. Jackwagon. To cheer myself up, I've watched this video over and over again.

3. I think yes. It was my birthday this week. Possibly one of the most unceremonious birthdays I've had in awhile. We spent the day in Richmond, so all eyes were on Callum, and that's okay.  Some years are like that, I guess.

4. I think was the one of the weirdest things to happen to us in awhile. We checked in late to our hotel Thursday night, and had a room high on the 8th floor with a view of the capitol. Neel left our keys with the valet for them to park the car. We'd been in the room awhile, all changed into jammies, when Cal called from the window, "Papa, can you come here real quick. Someone's in our car." So Neel pulled his pants on, shall we say, super quick, and bolted downstairs as fast as the super-slow elevators would take him. The clerk who checked us in was asleep at the desk. Cal and I watched the whole thing from our window. Neel stride across the street to the car, the guy in the car (it was the valet) jump out of his skin, Neel tear open the door and yell at the guy in the car. Those of you who have met Neel may have a difficult time imagining this. After Neel came back inside, he woke up the clerk at the desk, and uh, explained the situation to him.

We worked it all out the next morning (and didn't pay for parking, by the way), but: creepy, weird, and strange.

5. I think I can speak for both Christine and me that we're having such fun continuing on with #perception_collection. We're going to showcase some of your photos on Monday, and in the meantime, keep 'em coming! Every day you're inspiring me and pushing me. It's been great!