bruised {still + life}

I picked Cal up a little early from school today (Tuesday). Some days it works out that he has two free bells at the end of the day, and by lunch the reet/slain (sleet and rain combo) had moved in, canceling his game and practice. He needed the break. We all do. So as he dumped his baseball bag and backpack in the back of the car he says, "I kinda hurt my face today."

Kinda? I knew something had to be up because with a face like that, you'd think the school would have called me, right? But we saved it, and when Neel came home, Cal says it again. "I got a little hurt today."

Neel was horrified. "Oh my GOD! How? What happened?"

"Well, I was walking to my drama class, and when I got there, my drama teacher sat me down in a chair and put make up on me to look like this."

Ah-ha! That "scrape" on his chin? Looks exactly like the one he got when he "ran" into a bench in first grade. Impressive, huh?