carnation spring {life}


I have some work to do before all my pictures from the weekend will be edited and all my thoughts will be ready to order, so I thought I'd share some photos I took last week. My friend Lisa mentioned how much she loved carnations and how underrated they are, and she's right! For so many years, my memories of carnations were of the over-dyed, dried-stemmed versions that came with slips of paper attached. Sold at Valentine's Day or some other Important Occasion throughout my high school years, their only value was in who got the most. It was never me.

My more mature eyes (barely more mature, BTW) look on these lovelies somewhat differently. Fluffy and yet sturdy, they come in such a stunning array of colors. I've been regularly bringing them home to the studio to play.

So here you go, a bit of color in a month that will still see its fair share of lowering skies and blustery days, for my friend Lisa, who loves carnations. And for our friend Julie, for whom I made a cake a bit ago. She had her sweet baby Gemma on Sunday!