five things, february 7

1. I think this ad, for a roommate in a neighborhood in my hometown is one of the funniest things I've read in awhile. What do you think Neel? Are they medical students?

2. I think that while Erin and I commiserated over JK Rowling's shocking, no IRRITATING, revelations regarding Harry Potter and Hermione Grangier, Stephen Colbert, it seemed, does not agree with us. (wink)

3. I think I'm SHOCKED to learn that so many bloggers are introverts! Shocked, I say! Seriously, that's worthy of an NIH study, don't you think? I so appreciated all of your insightful comments on that score. I've downloaded this book, and I'm really interested to dig deeper into better understanding. I'm starting to think it's pathological in my family.

4. I think I have such mixed feelings about these darned Olympics. You've heard what a hot mess things are over there, right? I mean every day there's a new revelation, and we haven't yet seen a half-naked Putin riding a horse or a lion or whatever yet. Toothpaste explosives. Stray dog executions (we have to whisper that one around here). Don't even get me started on the human rights issues, including their horrific record on homosexual rights. And have you see this? It's a compilation of tweets from journalists detailing the horrific living conditions. Hilarious. Sad, but really funny too.

And yet, the Olympics. And not just the Olympics, the WINTER OLYMPICS. My all time favorite. I lovelovelove them. Every single event is entertaining to me from the opening ceremony to the last spray of snow from an ice skate blade.

What to do? Well. We're going to watch. How can we not? I can feel all the things I feel about Russia (and Neel's even a little worried about the terror threat), but I can still support our athletes and even let myself enjoy doing it.

5. I think I want to start a series called "Politicians I Admire." (Yes, I know, it'll be a short series.) As Cal grows more and more serious about this business (He's learning SO much.), I want him to know that not everyone is a corrupt scumbag. That there are good men and women out there who are doing hard work for good reasons. Have you guys heard about Creigh Deeds? He's a Virginia state senator (which means that Cal is working with him right now) who ran for statewide office twice and lost (most recently for governor, four years ago). He was in the national news late last fall when he was attacked with a knife by his mentally ill adult son. He nearly died and his son, Gus, did die, from a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

A horrific situation and a horrible story, just heartbreaking. What Senator Deeds has done in the ensuing months is, to me, nothing short of amazing. He got back to work. He got himself involved in changing laws that protect those who suffer from mental illness. And more importantly, he started talking. AC360, 60 Minutes, Deeds faced the cameras and told the story. He told the story of his son's decline into mental illness and of that horrible day. Mostly, he talked simply of Gus, and how his son was more than his disease. You can see the CNN story here.

Cal sees Senator Deeds every day. He says that there are significant visible scars on his face and one of his arms seems not to work well. Sometimes, in the middle of a committee meeting he'll just start weeping. I'm so proud to know that this man is representing our state. That my son gets to work with him and maybe bring him lunch once in awhile. I'm proud of the work he's doing on behalf of all of us. This man is who more of our politicians should be.