weekend lookback, december 8

On the local news this morning, one of the stories led with a sentence that ended with "Get out today to take care of your last minute shopping!"

And the one of the anchors was like, "December 8th is LAST-MINUTE SHOPPING?" Seems a bit extreme to me. I know a lot of you all are probably done (don't brag), and I'm somewhat done, but seriously. December 8th as "last minute?" Seems a bit of a stretch to me.

We're getting there. The tree is up and in and lit, although not decorated, and it looks so pretty that I'm half tempted to keep it that way (lame). I took a totally different approach to decorating this year, egged on perhaps by a wee bit o' Pinteresting. And for once Pinterest led me to less instead of more. I usually do a post of our house decorated at holiday time, and I went so minimal this year that I'm not sure it's worth it. If you guys want some pictures, I'll take some. But I like it. It's good.

I lost yesterday to a migraine so it was never going to really get done anyway, was it?

The best part of our weekend had nothing to do with decorating or migraines or our favorite Christmas tree lot but everything to do with finally showing Cal Mystic Pizza. And now I can't believe we keep making a yearly sojourn there and he hadn't seen it. He liked it, Neel liked it, and it was a bit freaky to transition from a Law & Order: Criminal Intent marathon with Detective Goren followed by meathead Bill who won't marry JoJo. I love Vincent D'Onofrio.

For me, watching Mystic Pizza was a complete transformation back to my high school days. I was a senior in high school when that movie came out. Perfectly primed for a coming of age romantic movie. As we watched, I was no longer on the sofa with Neel and Cal, but sitting in my friend Sarah's family room, tall glasses of icy Coke by our sides, pillows scattered on the floor around us. It's dark and cozy and the afternoon is in front of us to watch movies and talk and laugh and dream. Not a bad way to spend a day.

Chris Rock has become my new favorite twitter follow (stay with me here), and he recently tweeted something along the lines of how you should be wary of people who say their best times were in high school and college. Well, my best times weren't in high school or college, and I like to think they're always still in front of me, but man, we had some fun.