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Fuji Superia400 shot on a Pentax K1000

Fuji Superia400 shot on a Pentax K1000

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Isn't that stag ornament beautiful? I'm kinda wishing I'd snagged it from Simply Selma's when I had the chance. I've been thinking a lot about tradition. We have a funny relationship with it around here. In some ways, we're really fluid, and in others we adhere pretty strictly. Like seven layer salad with sausage and mustard on Christmas Eve. We still have to determine the Christmas Day dinner menu. Might need to get on that.

I'd love to hear your favorite traditions of the season. If you don't celebrate Christmas, do you have a favorite tradition for New Year's or any other important days in your family's lexicon? Heck, everybody might be so flipping busy that they're like, screw tradition, I just want to survive the week. I get that.

I'll probably have something pretty here on Christmas Day, if you're bored and want to have a look, but otherwise I'm outta here until 2015. Our new tradition is spending the week after Christmas with Neel's family. We were all in Orlando last year and had a blast.

Happy, Happy, my lovelies. May your days be filled with light and love now and forever more.