shed series :: tyler thomson, sonic illumination


I'm working on some things. Namely how to use my shed for a specific kind of portrait where the background falls away into darkness. I'm trying to understand and apply something called the "Inverse Square Law" which states that the power of the light will be inversely proportional to the square of the distance. But you know me and math. It's taking awhile.

Essentially the Inverse Square Law is about a dramatic drop off in light over distance. And the better I understand it (ha!), the better I can control it. Added to that, I'm trying to work on portraiture too. And me and people. Well. It's a lot.

My neighbor Tyler makes the perfect subject. He's about an easy going guy as you could meet, and he's happy to answer the call of my text any time I want to see if the light is right. Tyler owns a company called Sonic Illumination, and when you get him talking about music and technology and how music can move you through your day or even change the way your brain works, well, then he really lights up. His hands start moving and his face engages. He becomes motion and light and laughter. If it's stereos, his kids, SONOS, or blogging, he moves fully into his subject. It's beautiful to behold.

Even better?  He'd do anything for you. Like standing still. The way he did for me.