best laid plans {still + life}

I know I'm supposed to have some choices from #perception_collection here today, and well. You can see that I don't. Note the title of this post. I couldn't not have anything for you though, right? But, let's face it. I had a day. Two hours at the vet with a good news/bad news outcome. Revamped my talk for my class for today took some time. Cried in the carpool line over a text I sent, and there were no tissues, only a beach towel coated in dog hair. A late meeting that I didn't want to talk at but had to. My son told me that my hair looked gray: and that's while he was being nice to me. Tried to take a bath in our new bathtub in our newly remodeled bath... the damn thing won't plug. Cal kindly started a bath in the guest bath (so not the same, but still a sweet gesture) and the water wouldn't get hot.

I sat in a lukewarm tub for an hour.

Hoping things move more smoothly today. Hoping I get #perception_collection up here tomorrow, but at this rate it might be Monday. Good grief!

And Lucy? She felt much better yesterday, which was great. Good news. Vet was initially concerned about a bone tumor, and it doesn't look to be that. Also good news. Her bone disease has progressed considerably in her right leg, however. In just four short weeks. Bad news. So she'll continue to have days like Sunday, and I guess we feel some relief that it's something we already know about and nothing more. But, my poor sweet girl.