weekend lookback, october 13

I've been feeling a little angsty about oh, so many things lately, but about Weekend Lookback in particular. I mean, who really wants to hear about our weekend right? (To recap: Neel worked all weekend, and he's not off today either. And Cal and I ordered lattes at the coffee shop, but they only gave us hot milk. The end.) I've tried to have some more, shall we say transcendental conversations (ahem), but sometimes I'm just too tired for deep thoughts. Many of you follow me on Instagram, so you've already seen these photos, and I guess I'm just wondering what the point of these Monday posts really is anymore. And yet, I can't imagine not being here to see you on Monday mornings, so there's that. Any ideas for me? I'm game for pretty much anything at this point.

What I'm really enjoying this go around is #perception_collection! Every time, such fun and joy! So many new faces and beautiful photos. Now next Monday, you know I'll be sharing some of those photos with you. See? Done and done. :)