oops, it did it again {life}

snow, part 2.jpg
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Hey! It snowed! Seriously people, two snows in back-to-back weeks; I've never seen anything like it in the decade we've been here.

I'd suspected we were going to have a hard winter (and I'd been telling anyone who'd listen, really), and if a polar vortex and back to back snows are an indication, than go me. :) This one was fun to anticipate because as it got closer, the snow totals they were predicting for us went higher and higher. We generally get *a* snowfall here each winter (just one last year that melted by the next day, and I was out of town for it!), but rarely do we get significant snows. Too far south, too close to the coast.

But when the storms come at us from the south (be they hurricane or blizzard), we tend to get hammered, and that's what happened this week. Lo and behold, we woke up to 10 inches and our cities are pretty much shut down. It didn't get out of the low 20ºs yesterday, and the low this morning was 7º, our coldest morning in nearly 20 years. Schools were closed yesterday and today, and the streets are still snow and ice covered. It should warm a little today, melting some of the snow, which is good. We have to get Callum tomorrow!

That's my only regret. That he wasn't here to see it. They had snow in Richmond, but not as much. He'll get more. I feel sure.

I took two long walks with my camera; it's so nice to see my familiar spots covered in white. And these are the pictures I thought I'd share. Special and unusual for us. Next week, I'll show you our hounds in the snow because that was pretty funny too.

It's only 11º now, and our family room is F R E E Z I N G. I'm waiting for Neel to wake up (his work is closed too) and make me coffee. Another good day on the docket, I think.