five things, january 17 edition


1. I think I can't even believe that it's been exactly one year since we received the devastating news of Violet's cancer diagnosis. I can barely go back and reread that post but I don't need to. I remember every moment with shocking clarity. None of us, not one, ever imagined that she'd stick around with us this long and do so well in the process. Sometime around when we came back from London, I kind of stopped waiting for her to die (I know, that sounds awful, doesn't it?), and just enjoyed the fact that she was still living. I'll write up a post on Miss Violet (still as vocal as ever) for you guys next week and let you know just how well she'd doing. Sweet baby girl.

2. I think, despite the fact that we'll spend most of tomorrow at school for Cal, Neel will have a much better birthday this year than he did last. I will be, I assume, weeping less. Which is good.

3. I think, at this rate, the nine week General Assembly Session is going to FLY BY. I can't believe it's Friday already! Neel picks Cal and a couple other kids up this afternoon (so I can't go, not enough room for Mama), and we're hoping for a slightly less hectic weekend. And a slightly more celebratory one too. Happy Birthday, Papa!

4. I think we've reached the "oh crap, now we have to make decisions" stage of the bathroom reno. Neel has continued to wait until I leave the house (lucky man, I was out two evenings this week) to destroy the space (very neatly...we're talking about Neel, remember?), and we've gone about as far as we can go. Any suggestions? What does your dream bathroom look like?

5. I think this is such a funny time for us, but good too. It's been so exciting. You've all been so supportive, and I owe responses to all your lovely comments. What would I do without you guys? Really? What would I do?