five things, september 20


1. I KNOW I'm excited to announce that I'll be teaching, along with my dear friend Jackie, another food photography workshop in November. We have some exciting things planned to explore the basics of this exciting genre. This is one of three classes I hope to teach this fall, so if you live in the Tidewater and have any interest in learning more about blogging or photography, contact Amanda at Virginia MOCA or checkout their website  to learn more.

2. I think this week hasn't been nearly as quiet as I had hoped! Last week I had said to myself that I really wanted to stay home all week and get things done. Ha! Best laid plans and all that. Cal got sick. Went in late Monday and stayed home Tuesday. Apparently everyone is hacking and sniffling their way through school right now. Heather had it right. Those first of school year colds? Don't stop after preschool. He better now. Well enough for baseball practice, which started unexpectedly this week and screwed up our evenings on Wednesday and Thursday. Plus, I had a meeting on Wednesday night. Thursday? Out all day. Friday? Out all day. My house is a wreck! I got nothing done! (Well, very little.) We ate dinner standing up! I might need to lie down.

3. I think  one of the best things that happened to me this week was discovering this post by my friend Rooth. As part of my 365 (I should do a catch-up post soon with some highlights, as soon as I'm caught up!), I take a weekly picture of the Elizabeth river from a vantage point a couple points a couple blocks from our home. It's one of my favorite spots in all of our area. And that Rooth thought of me and my photos when she read that lovely poem? Well. I have no words. It was exactly the thing I needed to read right in that moment. How did she know?

4. I think  one of the funnier things that happened this week was that Callum used our friends Richard and Annie and their (and our) beloved Primrose Hill in a word problem for math this week. Here goes: Richard decides to walk through Primrose Hill on his way home from work. Eager to get home, he walks up the hill two kilometers in two hours (!), however he catches up with a few old friends and talks for two more hours. Realizing that his wife will be worried he jogs home and reaches there in one hour. Cal then charted Richard's progress on a graph.

5. I think  this week has been good and necessary, and I think I'll likely take next to go along with it to actually stay home and get things done. I'm trying to monitor and pay really close attention to my on and offline life. To listen to the still small voice. It's easier to do when there's not so much chaos swirling around, isn't it? The absolute bonus is that I've had some amazing conversations with some wonderful people who are very dear to me. People who remind me how special being here really is. Thank you to all of you, near and far. Thank you.