five things, august 30 edition


1. I think I am thrilled with the wonderful response you gave my mom's story. I know she's overwhelmed by all of your thoughtful comments, as am I. I loved her sunglasses too! My mom has always had great style! I don't know if any of you happened to catch her comment on yesterday's post, but she said that she realized as she was writing everything down and looking at the pictures that she had essentially the same outfit on. Now that's pretty awesome-sauce.

2. I think I spoke too soon when I said that I was scooting through August relatively migraine-free. Three this week. The fact that it's been the hottest, muggiest week of the summer (not to mention our most hectic) is not lost on me. Maybe I am ready for September.

3. I think  that we're definitely so-far so-good on school this week. Callum seems really happy. We had an athletics orientation on Wednesday night, and the director of the Middle School talked about the teacher/coach concept that they model at Cal's school. We've heard this spiel before but it never fails to impact me. As the director said, a coach cares about nothing more than making you better at what you do. He also talked about how when coaches coach, part of what they do is to put their hands on kids and physically move them in space. The example he gave was to teach someone new to football the three point stance. You have to guide their bodies. He talked about the Dance Master and how he shifted a girl's foot a fraction and suddenly the lines of her body were stunningly beautiful. There's an intimacy and closeness that develops there that can not be overstated. I know already the difference it's made in my son.

4. I think  my mom might have been onto something when she mentioned that my summer funk might be the leadup to a creative breakthrough. I'm hoping so at least. I have some photography projects brewing that I'm looking forward to sharing with you really soon. Next week is out; Cal's birthday is coming up. But soon. Really soon. Bet you can't wait. (wink)

5. I think I have a little more I want to say about the anniversary of the March. Did you happen to hear any of the ceremonies this Wednesday? They were so moving! I was struck by so many little things. MLK's daughter, the one who was 5 months old during that speech, was such an amazing speaker. Bernice King. Let Freedom Ring, she said over and over. Right up to the ringing of that bell from the church in Birmingham. It was a call to action. When you hear the sound of the bell...let freedom ring.

And I have to say, I loved President Obama's emphasis on the marchers, then and now. I mean, of course I did. He was talking about my mom, but he was talking about all of us who try to do even a little more to expand the rights for others.  Still, I was most struck by a phrase used by former President Clinton. He said, America is becoming. I love that. Becoming as a verb. I think of all of us, as a nation, with still a long way to go. Becoming. I think of myself, entrenched in a particularly tough patch both in my heart and as a parent. Becoming. Callum is becoming. I'm becoming. We're all becoming.