first day {still + life}

first day.jpg

Hi guys! Just popping in real quick to say hey! We all survived the first day. Cal's first day of 8th grade (gotta love that photobomb, don't you), and Neel and I survived our first day with our trainer. I say survived because my arms can barely lift to desk height to type this post, but I digress. 

I'm going to focus on some family things around here today, but I'll be back tomorrow with a really, really special post. One that is very dear to my heart and has a special place in history too. Please stop by.

Also, sorry if I left you hanging! My camera was safely tucked under the passenger seat of our car. Our best guess is that the dogs scared off our would-be burglars before they got any further than the change compartment (that and the camera was pretty hard to see down there). So hooray for the Black and Tan Trio. Never again will I disparage a beagles howls again!

Catch you tomorrow!