five things, august 2

photo credit to Callum  

photo credit to Callum 

1. I think  Callum has had a fun week learning to sail at Sail Nauticus this week. Surrounded by water the way we are here, it just makes sense that he get some chops in a sailboat, and this program, run by our friend Bill, seemed like the perfect opportunity. It's half a day in the boat and a half doing other programs. Let's face it. Cal would prefer to spend all day in the boat. This afternoon, we'll head down to watch our kid on the water, and I can't wait. Show of hands for who thinks he'll ask for a sailboat for his birthday? ;)

2. I think  I had a most moving conversation about my blog from an unexpected source this week. One of my freelance clients has been reading and picked up the phone a few days ago to chat about Still+Life. She said just the kindest, most heartfelt, specific things about this space. Really touching on the things that I wanted to convey here. I can't tell you what it means to know that what I'm trying to get across is coming across. I thing we get caught up in the day-to-dayness of blogging, and let's face it, we can get bogged down by it too. But to learn from a new(ish) reader that you've been hitting all the notes that you want to hit? Well, that's a pretty nice feeling. Our phone call is still resonating with me, Val. Thank you for that. And now I'm ready to make some changes!

3. I think , speaking of blogging, that I had just such a wonderful time with my class this summer. In some ways it was a hard slog, being that it was our first go with this thing, but I had the most amazing group of students, and I learned so much. Branching out into RSS and SEO, and business blogs and editorial calendars; it was all so fun. Best part was making new friends and getting such good feedback about how to make things even better for next time. We're pushing it from four weeks to six in the fall and I can't wait.

4. I think  we've watched Moonrise Kingdom at least fifteen times since I brought it home last weekend. Have you seen it? It's pretty spectacular. Callum LOVES. IT. Our photography group discussed it because the cinematography is so stunning, but the story is sweet and funny too. Highly recommended. My mom is coming for a visit (a day late because she's been sick), and I have a feeling she'll be watching it too.

5. I think  I need a new sleeping situation. I'm waking up with an achy back and hips in the mornings. It's been going on for awhile now. So much that I noticed when it did and didn't happen when we were in London and Paris. I'm a devoted side sleeper, and I'm a bit worried that this might be my problem. I've tried the last two nights to stay on my back (it's HARD!), and things have been a bit better, but not perfect. Neel thinks I need a body pillow to snuggle (as opposed to a Neel to snuggle, especially in the summer when it's so hot). Do you have any suggestions besides morphine? Perhaps a strong cocktail and a hope for a good weekend. Love you guys.