five things, july 12

Terminal 4, JFK

Terminal 4, JFK

1. I think we've totally been thrown for a loop around here. I can't completely shake my sinus thing, and now Callum's down for the count. 103º fever yesterday. Yikes. Our re-entry hasn't really happened yet. It's hot outside? I had no idea. My laundry? Still needs to be managed. The house? Cluttered. All those great post-vacation changes I had planned? Postponed.

2. I think I had a great time teaching my first blogging class this week. My students were so patient with my as I dealt with audio visual trials and a huge coughing fit about halfway through class (lovely.). I had fun. I hope they had fun. I'll keep you posted. Any tips I should share?

3. I think I need about 12 days to get myself organized. I haven't made our monthly Target run yet. I have papers scattered hither and yon. Do you guys have any strategies for getting yourselves organized? Any Pinterest boards of gorgeously organized home offices? I need a boost.

4. I think,  after all I've said here about my friends Mark and Fred, that I can't let the end of DOMA go unremarked. I was standing in Waterloo Station (waiting on Neil #2) casting about for spotty WiFi when we got the news. I could only access the Waterloo Cloud so I ended up with what seemed to be a BBC news article, but the content was clear. No more DOMA. I won't lie. I teared up as I thought of my far-away friends and their long fought battle. I was very proud to be an American, an equality loving, accepting American, in that moment.

The sad news is that while in the long-term DOMA will mean a world of difference for Mark and Fred, in the short term, the ruling came too late for them. Fred's father had been growing ill in France, and he and Mark hoped to be able to travel there to see him before he grew gravely ill. Unfortunately, in the days just following the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA, Fred's father died. Despite the end of DOMA, Fred was unable to get a travel voucher to get home in time for the funeral. Honestly? I have no words. At a time that I should be happiest for my friends, I continue to feel a sort of impotent rage that they were kept under this mantle of discrimination simply because of who they fell in love with.  

5. I think I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the lovely comments you've been leaving on the posts about our trip. We had such fun while we were there, and it's be great fun to relive it as well. I have more posts planned for next week (sorry!), and Leah, don't worry, Callum totally has his sights set on Australia!

It's nice to be home though and coming home to all of you lovelies is just the best. Do you have fun plans for the weekend? I think ours will involve heavy rest. Starting to get a little bummed out about that. I could start some Blurb books from our trip. Or organize my 365. Although, I have been thinking I might get myself a little treat to celebrate the start of my class. I'm thinking some new body wash and lotion might do the trick and perk me up. Anybody have any experience with this lovely looking stuff?