lesson {life}


I had a little company in the studio here yesterday. Callum's social studies teacher has a thing for food photography, so of course we're BFFs now.  I kid. But. I will say that we've been having some fun this spring as she's given us loads of suggestions for our upcoming trip. We've talked a little photography too.

She's planning on taking one of our food photography workshops, but in the meantime she's headed on vacation and wanted some tips before she hit the road. 

I have no idea if she learned a thing. I think at least we had some fun! We pushed her point and shoot to the limit, but we proved the point that you can get a world of work out of those puppies. We were changing shutter speed and aperture and even white balance on that baby!  

Bottom line, we had a lot of fun playing around and pushing each other to figure things out. Callum got to have his social studies teacher in his house. And for me, a day you share lunch with a friend and then spend in the studio is never, ever, EVER a bad day. 

Oh! And one last thing. I know I'm not usually here on Wednesdays, but tomorrow is the last day of school & I always do an end of year post for Cal. Pop in as we say good-bye to 7th grade.