five things, summer solstice edition


1. I think , all things being equal, Cal and I are managing Neel's absence pretty well. Cal has been great. He's stepped up to be such a help to me with all the added little things a one-parent household has to manage. It hasn't helped that I've been fighting headaches a lot this week and then this morning one of our smoke detector batteries decided to die. I lay in bed a long time trying to decide if it was the smoke detector or a 4:30AM bird (a really regularly chirping 4:30AM bird) before getting up to investigate. And of course it's the one I can't really reach. I managed, with the help of an almost tall enough step stool to pop the battery part way out, but we'll be calling in reinforcements later today.

2. I think I'm tottering halfway between thrilled and overwhelmed about our trip. There's a lot yet to do to get ready to leave, but so, so much to look forward to. We have our pet sitters/house watchers lined up and most of the errands have been run. I have some work to finish up today and I really, really want to park my butt at the beach or the pool and just sit a bit. Cross your fingers for me.

3. I think  I did something really smart or really dumb depending on how you look at it. New lenses. Right before a big trip? See above. We got to talking about Lensbabys at my latest photography group, and I just had to have one. I knew I wanted a 35mm for our trip, and while I'm not generally an impulse purchaser, here's my reasoning: A) I just got paid for a couple jobs, and together the lenses cost well less than those paychecks. B) Both lenses can be used for more than just the trip. And C) Since I've been taking pictures, they seem to be my best souvenirs (don't get me wrong, we'll be getting some souvenirs!), and who knows when we'll be getting back to Paris and London? As I was wavering, it was photos like these that sold me. I have a bit of a learning curve, so add some practice time to my list of things to do in the next few days.

4. I think  I'm still working to find a spring/summer lip color. Got some at Sephora a bit ago, and I think it's too "nude" for me. Lips are hard. I've finally figured out my winter lip color, but since I tend to avoid the real pinks, spring and summer lips are hard. What are you guys wearing on your lips these days?

5. I think I won't be abandoning you completely next week. I have three guest posts lined up for you guys, courtesy of some dear friends of mine. I'll have an abbreviated Weekend Recap for you on Monday, and look out for posts on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I'll be back on Tuesday, July 2nd, sleepy and satiated. Likely a little weepy and even more overwhelmed than I am right now!