Weekend Recap, May 6

Weekend Recap 5_6 copy-1.jpg

1. Sweet Thea (minus the collar) | 2. Medicinal hike | 3. Early to bed | 4. Gray Field Day | 5. Warm Food | 6. School Mascot | 7. Blue Sky! | 8. Faculty Follies | 9. Raffle Rain | 10. Much-needed cocktail | 11. Jackie at work | 12. Pizza holding pattern | 13. One in the oven | 14. One from the oven | 15. Tres Leches | 16. Morning Routine, local candidate, friend | 17. Lazy Sunday | 18. Necessary shopping | 19. New friend | 20. Practice | 21. Hydration | 22. Neel cooks! | 23. Amadeus | 24. Sunday supper

Well, first off, our sweet Thea is doing much better than we'd anticipated at this point. Even by Friday she'd wanted to bounce around the yard doing those funny hops that corgis do. No hopping for our girl just yet. We've reintroduced her and Lucy and they eye each other warily from across the yard. Let's be honest. Thea eyes Lucy warily and Lucy follows Thea around. We're with them at all times, but right now Thea seems more hindered by the stupid collar than anything else. She gets the drains out today and the stitches out in a week. Love bug.

I don't need to tell you we're tired. I went to bed early both nights this weekend, but especially Friday night, and it's still not enough. That is all.

Field Day at Cal's school dawned cold, gray and drizzly. We've only been to four of these, so who knows how many have dawned cold, gray and drizzly in the past? For us, it's always been warm, sunny and sunscreen-y. I ran into one of Callum's teachers who is also an alumna of the school and she told us it was the coldest, grayest, drizzliest Field Day she can remember. Enough said. I won't say much more now and will instead will save Field Day for tomorrow. Let me just say this: having just attended Fiddler on the Roof a couple weekends ago, I spent a lot of the day humming, "Tradition!"

Thank God someone offered to make us dinner.

My dear friend Jackie, who is always teaching me about photography (among other things) and giving us wonderful bread invited us to dinner with her and her partner Saturday night. She made pizzas in her wood-fired oven, and they were ah-maz-ing. No. Words. Really. It was just the thing we needed after a long day. Wonderful conversation, delicious food, much laughter and new friendships. About a perfect Saturday night. Poor Callum was exhausted and wishes he'd been better company. We all do I think. We'll just have to do it again.

I wanted to be lazy on Sunday but we cleaned the house. Oh well. It feels good to have a clean house. I played with my new baby a bit (more on that in a blog post soon) and ran some skin-care errands (aren't those fun?) and we had a deliciously delightfully boring Sunday night at home. Amadeus again, Neel made his mom's famous Chicken with Stones for dinner. It was perfect.

And my new favorite drink? You guys are going to be so disappointed! Pinapple/Coconut juice and seltzer. That's all! I hope everybody had a great weekend. I feel like I could sleep for a month, but it's all good.