welcome home {still + life}


Have you noticed? Things are a little different around here. I've been threatening for months to make some changes, and I've been trying for ages too. I finally pulled the trigger. I would NOT be here today without the help of darling Erin. She held my hand through the worst, whiny, panicked bits, and even though it didn't work out just the way we wanted, I fully believe it was her hard work that got me where we are today. Erin is totally, 100%, absolutely, brilliant at this website stuff, and she's even better at keeping me calm and even laughing. She really IS an Internet Squirrel, you know.

Like the new logo? Thank the incomparable Miss Theresa for that. I whispered to her that I'd love it if she could sketch me a logo (we all know how talented she is), and we back-and-forthed it a bit, she had me search Pinterest a bit, and the next thing I knew, there it was! She's amazing to work with, and you know what? I think she should do more, don't you?

It really does take a village, doesn't it?

table_flower duo.jpg

I thought as I took you on a little tour of my virtual home, I show off a bit of my actual home as well. Annie's been gunning for me to do that for ages, and I never follow through. So many people comment on our dining room table that when I got my 100 mm macro, it felt like a worthy subject for the new lens. I had my birthday flowers on the table and the light was so lovely I had to take advantage.

Until our move here, Neel and I have moved around a good bit, and at each place we've lived, we try to purchase something that will remind us of the place we lived. This table is from our time in San Diego, purchased at a shop called Cokas Diko which is owned by dear friends. It's made in India which seems fitting, not caring how much we'd be adding to our moving bill, we bought it right before we moved!

I want new chairs, and our dining room always feels dark to me, but lordy how I love this table.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into my home, and I hope you'll take a peek around the new and improved SPL too. I'm still tweaking some things here and there, and there are still some kinks to be worked out, but here were are. And Erin and Theresa, I thank you. XO