weekend recap, memorial day 2013

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1. Morning walk | 2. What I'm doing right now? Cleaning the house for Neel to come home. | 3. The start of Life Skills Summer | 4. - 6. Airport time | 7. Welcome home supper | 8. My favorite kind of Saturday night | 9. Lucy loves Papa | 10. Morning walk with Neel | 11. Double trouble | 12. Neel's favorite dessert...for breakfast | 13. Summer office | 14. Exam prep | 15. Office mate | 16. Salad days | 17. My river, low tide | 18. Supper salad | 19. Block party | 20. Bulls eye | 21.  Bounced out of the party.

Neel's home! We're so glad to have Papa back! I did some heavy lifting on the house cleaning on Friday (read: great pantry & fridge cleanout) so all Cal and I had to do on Saturday was actually clean the house. Callum was a trooper. When he got up, I showed him my list, and he took several things off of it for me. And the ironing! I showed him once, and right then and there he ironed all of his own clothes. Can't. Even. Tell. You. what a difference that makes for me. We made Neel his favorite pie for a welcome home dinner, showered and hightailed it to the airport to walk in right as he texted me that they had landed.

I love it when that happens.

I'm not sure if it was the brief duration of his trip, the fact that it stays light so late in Sweden or the fact that Neel's an Iron Man, but he came home feeling not terribly jet lagged (and as I write this he seems fully back on US time and fully recovered.). We had a punchy dinner (including this wonderful salad from Miss Farmhouse Home!) with lots of laughing (apparently Neel gets pretty giggly when he's tired!) and watched the Phillies with a neighborhood friend of Cal's. The dogs especially are glad to have him home.

Long walk Sunday morning, just the way I like to start the day, and I worked outside on the computer while Neel worked in his garden. It had taken quite a beating from the endless rains we'd had all week, but things are already ship shape. Exams are looming, so in between peeks at another Phillies game (it's too hard to watch it in one sitting) Cal is studying. I'm ready for summer and school to be over. How about you?

An over the fence chat with our neighbors prompted a potluck cookout that grew somewhat organically. It was a gorgeous night. By the time all was said and done, we had a ton of food and a crowd of kids running around (including one bad dog who wouldn't listen, kept begging for fish and had to be sent home), and it felt like we really were on the cusp of summer.

It's Memorial Day. In this town which has a heavy military presence, that means a lot. It means a lot everywhere. If Callum hits the books hard, he and Neel will watch WWII movies all afternoon. I think I need to find a cookout.

I'm sure nobody is around reading this today, and that's fine! I hope you're out having fun today. I'll be back tomorrow with photos from Neel's trip to Stockholm!