night river {life}

river duo.jpg

Yes, I'm still doing a 365, and yes, I'm still taking pictures of our river every weekend. It's such a small stretch, at this one spot near our house, that we can get to. I'm having a bit of a time finding ways to mix it up. So I look for different angles, different light, different times of day. I may need to move my spot eventually, but for right now, it has changed enough that we're still good. This night, last Friday, was the latest we'd been. Not a great sunset, but a deep blue glow had fallen along the water and the lights were coming on along the docks and the shipyards.

And while we've had company on our river jaunts before, kids and dogs scrambling along the rocks, this was a first. A young man, camped out quite deliberately. He had his beach chair, a cigar, a beer and some quiet music playing. That second photo with the flag may have been my best picture of the night, but it was this shot of a solitary evening's enjoyment that I chose to represent that day's 365. How could I not?