milestone {life}

Cal_vi duo.jpg

So we had a big day around here yesterday. After nearly two years, our boy got his braces off yesterday. Judging by what everyone was saying on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, if you had braces, this day is one you never forget! Our journey was shorter than some really. We started two summers ago and the braces themselves came on that first Christmas. We knew we were nearing the end at our last appointment when our orthodontist gave us a letter that said 80% of the time, kids get their braces off at the next appointment. So while we were hopeful that yesterday would be it, we were also a little scared to get our hopes up!

Cal brushed his teeth really well yesterday morning, and he took his phone with him back to the chair. I could hear everyone laughing and talking and then I heard his orthodontist say, "Well, today's the day!" I shot Callum a quick "??" text, and right away he texted me back.


It took forever but there was a great air of celebration about the place. I'd stocked up on super-chewy bubble gum, but why bother? Turns out the office gives out a goodie bag filled with caramel corn, Dots and gum (and a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, but who's counting!). How wonderful is that? All that forbidden fruit, handed over to you in a celebratory goodie bag! It's hard work to have braces; these guys deserve a reward.

At each visit during school hours, Cal's orthodontist's office will print out a note to excuse him from school, and today when we were checking out, I mentioned that we might swing by Neel's office to show him the new smile. The admin smiled and said, "Well, let me tack on a few extra minutes and say you left at 11 instead of 10:45, how about?"

It was a pretty good day all around. He keeps getting surprised by them. We all do. Look at that gorgeous smile.

You know, while wonderful things were happening for our family yesterday, absolute destruction was being wreaked upon parts of the mid-west of our country, in Oklahoma. It's hard not to keep thinking about it. Two elementary schools, a hospital, countless homes, all destroyed. And yet. Still a little bit of hope. Check out this video. That's the kind of story I want to hang on to. That, and all the teachers and helpers. Holding them all in the light.