this is us {life}

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My goal for my Mother's Day 365 photo project was to get some pictures of my family using my heretofore unused camera remote. There was a sharp learning curve, both in mastering the remote and in unlocking my willingness to be in front of the camera, not just behind it. I'm not quite there yet.

As photos go, they're not great. The focus is in the wrong place, and the cropping was off. My friend Rooth asked in the comments last week about how long a photo shoot generally takes me. She was talking about when I photograph food. This was short! I worry that people get impatient with me, so I don't want to take too long. With food, or other still life, I can take my time. I'll write more about photographing food next week, if you'd like. I've been thinking about why it's important to me a lot lately.

And I like to think that we had fun on Sunday though. And still, imperfect as these pictures are and as we are (well, I am) well, here we are. Callum's taller than me now. We just discovered that on Saturday night. My heart thrills with pride when I stand next to him, when I stand between the two of them.

Yeah, imperfect as these photos are, this is us.