Weekend Recap April 29

Weekend Recap 4_29 copy.jpg

1. Coffee | 2. Bloodys | 3. Pedi | 4. Sunny morning | 5. Civic duty | 6. Family duty (Neel's favorite pie!) | 7. Pizza on the grill | 8. The start of something good | 9. G&T weather | 10. Me and my boy | 11. Kate Spade wedges | 12. Lauren and Neel | 13. Can Can | 14. Brunch menu | 15. Waiting to order | 16. Bacon Bloody | 17. Breakfast martini | 18. Brown Sugar Latte | 19. Flower Vendor | 20. Richmond Center Stage | 21. Opera time

Well this was one of those weekends where we definitely had more good than bad. Way more good. It started Friday with brunch with my friends Marianne and Lisa. And yes. There were bloodys. And yes. There were mani/pedis. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've been with these two smart, sassy and delightful women. Our kids all used to go to school together and since Callum moved schools nearly three years ago now, we kind of lost the thread. I'm so, so happy we've picked it up again. Being with them did me a world of good. And the mani/pedi? I never, ever, ever do that unless it's for a special occasion, and yet it's such a pleasant experience and it feels so nice to have it done. I really should do it more often. It's especially nice to do it with some girlfriends. Lisa and Marianne? I'm putting you in charge of making sure I do more of that. Please and thank you.

Our boys lost a heartbreaker of a game Friday night after battling back to almost tie and afterwards we had a chilly cookout. And that's all we'll say about that.

Finally, finally it was warm enough for me and Neel to enjoy our morning coffee outside on Saturday. (Today is chilly and rainy, so there you are.) We had an odd day because Neel had to give a quick talk at work late in the afternoon and everything we wanted to do had to be worked around that. But the sunshine and the the music wafting over our neighbor's fence was just the best way to start the day. We voted for our sheriff in a primary at a local high school in a total low-tech, drop-your-ballot-in-the-box fashion and it was awesome!

And then Sunday. Birthday redemption, I like to call it. As I told you, Cal's studying Mozart in Music Appreciation, and our Virginia Opera is performing The Marriage of Figaro. We'd just missed the Norfolk weekend, but snuck up to Richmond yesterday to see it there. We decided to make a day of it, and hit our favorite Richmond restaurant, Can Can, while we were there. I'm hoping to post about our day tomorrow, so I won't say much here except: awesome. wonderful. better even than I expected.

Only I wish I were better at walking in heels.