five things, february 15 edition


1. I think I promised this recipe earlier this week. I know I keep harping on our breakfasts, but it's where I am right now. I tossed up a picture of Monday's breakfast on Instagram and got a slew of requests both there and on Facebook for the recipe. It looks good, and it really is that good. It's too easy for a recipe, really and if you Google something like egg. baked. avocado, and you'll get a slew of options.

Here's what I did: I took half an avocado and cracked an egg in it. Shredded some cheese on top...I think it was fontina, but it might have been gruyere. Added a couple of turns of the pepper grinder but no salt. (I figured the cheese would add enough salt, but it turns out that was a mistake. I added some salt the next time.) Bake it in a 400º oven for 15 or so minutes (really depends on how runny you want your egg) and then pop it under the broiler to brown the cheese. Also, I put the avocado in the pan I did because I had a suspicion that the egg might run out a bit, and I was right! I love it when I'm right!

Let me know if you make it. I'd love to hear how yours turns out. My friend Laura made it and wasn't a fan, but after we talked, she and I decided that the cheese needs to be pretty flavorful (I've used Manchengo too.) and that even then you should still add salt and pepper. Also, err on the side of under cooking the eggs. Because Neel and Callum both have egg allergies, we tend to overcook eggs here, but I like my eggs soft and you certainly don't want them rubbery! Bake for a few and then pop it under the broiler to get that cheese browned and bubbly!

2. I think I'm beyond excited for Neel and Callum who are finally on their way off to go skiing today. I sent them on their way just moments ago. It was shockingly easy to get my boy up this morning. We worried a little all week, I'll admit, because Callum's cough just wouldn't go away. He lumbered through (even had to scoot out of his social studies class during a presentation because of a coughing fit...we all know how awful that feeling is!). But they're off. Callum absolutely adores skiing, and he and Neel will have wonderful fun together. Hat tip to my husband for spending the day on the slopes and behind the wheel.

3. I think I'm looking forward to my own day too. The meeting and hike I'd planned for the day had to be canceled when I realized that because of our car situation, I'd be city bound. Our poor Mini Cooper, Blanche is like a church lady, and she won't go on the freeway, so I'm stuck near home. So I'm get some cleaning done, both physical and virtual, and hit the grocery store. Fun times. Necessary stuff that'll feel good to get done though. I'm still a little under the weather, so I might sneak in a nap or a movie. Or something. Like a bath.

4. I think I have another true story for you. Yesterday morning, when Neel and I were standing in the kitchen as the coffee brewed we chatted about Valentine's Day. (A bit late, yes, I know.) We got Callum all worked out (because nothing says "Love" like adding another Nerf gun to a 13 year old's arsenal!) and then I said, "Are we doing gifts?" A look of sheer horror crossed my husband's face. Seriously. I reached out and said, "Okay. Good! Let's do something together." Later. It was pretty funny. He was giving a talk at another school that day, and I knew he was booked solid, and I had my own stuff going on. Total flashback to fourteen years ago. Turns out he had ordered flowers for me the day before, and I did have a little something for him too, so we're not total losers. Another true story? Neel always goofs and calls Valentine's Day Thanksgiving. Which I think is entirely appropriate.

5. I think I can't send you on your way without showing you some images from our Valentine's Day sunset.

Valentine Sunset.jpg

The sky was a stunning pink as Callum and I made our way home after baseball last night. I had him snapping pictures with his phone as we drove, and it seemed that with every turn we made the sky got impossibly more gorgeous. Our house faces almost due west, and the river view at the end of the block faces that direction as well. Callum and I drove to the end of the street before we turned into home and got out to snap these shots. Oh to have had my real camera and not just my phone! I have never seen the sky in such stunning splendor, and I feel so grateful to have been given the gift of this view yesterday. Even better was to have shared it with my boy.