five things, february 1, edition


1. I think I had a wonderful time speaking to some teen artists about blogging last night. They're part of an apprentice program at MOCA, where I took my first photography class. I'm not sure how great my talk was, but it was great fun to be there, and I'm sure these guys are going to do great things. Their blog is private for their program, which is almost too bad, because I'm sure it'll be amazing.

2. I think that despite the fact that we're only a month in, this 365 project is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I'm lousy at follow-through, so I'm pretty much congratulating myself profusely for making it a whole month! YAY ME. I had decided to give myself January to simply take pictures of whatever struck my fancy, and then once we hit February to decide if I should work through any themes. What think you? Keep on keeping on? Capturing my every day life? Or try to work through some stuff. I don know I have some photography goals that I want to share with you next week. Maybe being intentional about those goals will be part of my project going forward.

3. I think we really couldn't be more pleased with Violet's reaction to the steroids. We know we're not getting a miracle here, but honestly? I was afraid to hope that they'd work at all. And yet. And yet. Each day she gets back a little of her old self. As I write this she's even out back, hunting in the backyard the way she loves to do. We're not looking forward with this disease, but we're loving all the extra moments with her. And that means more bacon. Oh, and Erin, you asked if the other girls were jealous? They're totally not. Everybody, even the dogs, had been so, so sad, and everybody is much happier now. You can tell. Lots of extra love to go around.

4. I think that all of your comments and emails about my post on FBS meant so much to me. Blogging is a funny thing isn't it, and really, what would I do without you guys? It's been a crazy busy week as I played catch up and got ready for this presentation, but I'll respond to all of your comments this weekend. You've given me a lot to think about and a lot of comfort too.

5. I think, given that tonight is a south-wide happy hour sponsored by Southern Living for some joints, it's only appropriate that I kick off the weekend with some of my favorite gals. Long overdue. Long overdue. What are you guys up to this weekend? We'll watch the Superbowl, of course. And have some other fun too.